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If You Have Depression, You Can’t Be A True Christian?

It’s quite clear what the view of Malcolm Bowden is, which is transcribed in full here courtesy of @Gurdur - people only get depression because they are not True Christians (TM). 

I would like to contrast Malcolm’s take on the bible with this wonderful passage from S Jocelyn Burnell, which I studied intently during Quaker Meeting today:

Sometimes religion appears to be presented as offering easy cures for pain: have faith and God will mend your hurts; reach out to God and your woundedness will be healed. The Beatitude ‘Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted’ can be interpreted this way too, but the Latin root of the word ‘comfort’ means ‘with strength’ rather than ‘at ease’. The Beatitude is not promising to take away our pain; indeed the inference is that the pain will remain with us. It does promise that God will cherish us and our wound, and help us draw a blessing from our distressed state.


This is what I felt in Meeting - comfort and sustenance. 

(edited: changed title because it was inaccurate, as pointed out by @markhawker.)

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